Regd. Office: 9C-A, Madhuban, First Floor, 313004 Udaipur, Rajasthan
Registration NO.: 03/08/1972 No. 1557 Y RBI LIC. NO.: 04/01/1975 No. 52 P
    About Us

     A group of Dawoodi Bohra Reformists decided to establish an Urban Co-operative Bank in Udaipur district for meeting the financial needs of the public of Udaipur and applied for registration on 28th June 1972. The bank was registered under the Rajasthan State Co-operative Act with registration number. 1557 Y on 3rd August 1972. Initially, the Bank started with share capital of Rs. 3 Lac with 456 members. After completion of almost 3 years the Bank received license from Reserve Bank of India for banking business on 4th January 1975.

     The Udaipur Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd. started its banking business in a shop at Loha Bazar, Udaipur. Later on the Head Office cum branch was shifted to Pannadhay Marg, Udaipur in the year 1979. In 2004 the Bank shifted to 9C-A Madhuban, Udaipur. Presently the Bank is having 13 branches, 10 in Udaipur City and 3 branches outside Udaipur at Fatehnagar, Salumber & Rajsamand. The Bank has been a pioneer on several fronts in the urban co-operative bank sector in Rajasthan State. Today the bank is working in two districts.

Guiding Principles
To ensure customer's satisfaction and Confidence.
To enhance Bank's Business with Profit.
To contribute to the social cause.
To comply RBI guidelines,co-op.deptt.Rules / Banking norms.
Board Of Directors
Well known Businessmen and social Workers.
Associated with Social, Religious, Charitable, Educational Organisation.
Two Professional Director.
The team work results,Unique achivement of sustained growth with its member's confidence & employees trust.
I.T. Infrastructure
       1st Bank to implement Fully Computerize Banking in Udaipur city in 1994. Information Technology and its infrastructure has been playing very vital role in all walks of our life. The banking sector is greatly benefited by modern technology. THE UDAIPUR URBAN CO-OPERATIVE BANK LTD.. UUCB knows the importance of computerization, in keeping with the technology developments in Banking Sector, and since then, has been providing quick and delightful service to its valued customers. The Bank's performance significantly improved, after computerization, in last several years. The management of the bank is always forward looking in utilizing the latest technologies. The Bank has now implemented Core Banking Solution in the Bank and We hope to make available Any-Where-Banking facility to our valued customers within next 1-2 years.
Board of Directors
Staff Of Bank
Financial Growth
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