Regd. Office: 9C-A, Madhuban, First Floor, Udaipur 313004, Rajasthan
Registration NO.: 03/08/1972 No. 1557 Y RBI LIC. NO.: 04/01/1975 No. 52 P
     Business Loan
   Who are eligible
  All types of Traders including Retailers / Distributors / Commission Agents / Arthiyas
   Quantum of finance
  Minimum Rs. 5.00 Lac (Rupees Five Lac only) per borrower
Maximum Rs.50.00 Lac (Rupees Fifty Lac only) per borrower
   Mode of assessment
  Limit to be assessed as per Turnover Method, i.e. 30% of actual / projected annual sales. The limit shall be for a period of 12 months and renewed / reviewed annually.
   Nature of finance
  Overdraft Facility
  Equitable / Legal Mortgage of non-encumbered residential house / flat, commercial or industrial property in the name and possession of the borrower (including joint owners) i.e. self-occupied or vacant. The property should be of value not less than 150% of the limit. The property in the name of spouse / relative may also be accepted as security making them either co-borrower or guarantor; and / or Liquid security in the form of –
  i) NSC / Govt. Bonds (excluding shares) - to the extent of 125% of loan amount.
ii) Time Deposit of Bank / Surrender Value of LIC to the extent of 110% of loan amount.
  The property should be insured for fire, riot and wherever required against other appropriate hazards, such as, earthquake, flood, lightening etc. by the borrower with usual bank clause for full value of the property.
  Stock in trade to be comprehensively insured for full value with usual bank clause.
  35% on value of Property (Lowest of Market Value / Distress / Forced Sale Value / DLC rates / Registration Value as on the date of Valuation)
   Rate of Interest
  BPLR - Presently 12% (Floating)
   Processing Charges
  0.5% of Loan Amount – Maximum Rs.10000/- (0.25%)
   Inspection Charges
  0.1% of Loan Amount – Maximum Rs.1000/- annually
   Charges for deviation from scheme norms
  For every item of deviation from the scheme norms – One time 25% of the applicable processing charges - Minimum Rs.750/- & Maximum Rs.2500/- per account.
   Details required
  i) Application form
ii) Audited Financial Statements in case of limit of Rs.10.00 Lac and above should be submitted.
iii)Copy of Sales tax / VAT Registration
iv) Copies of Sales tax / VAT Returns (Assessment Orders for last four quarters)
v) Details of property offered as security with its present valuation
vi) Income tax Returns for the
  Documents charges, Advocate fee, Architect fee etc. on actual basis. Loan agreement copy charges: As applicable
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